Be a Maker


• Increase college and universities awareness of the MakerBot and 3D printing from students and faculty by 60% in order for the institutions to purchase it
• Present MakerBot to colleges and universities offering majors such as engineering, medicine, design, and architecture in a matter of 2 years
• Reach and partner with 80% of the colleges and universities visited by 2016


• College students want to have the latest gadgets in their school especially if it’s for their education
• Universities need to have innovate products like the MakerBot to give their students the best education for the architecture and industrial design programs
• Visual learning is the most effective and could be accomplished with the MakerBot for hands-on experience


• Attend educational and research conferences that take place in the beginning of each semester to showcase MakerBot and the benefits of having it in the classwork.
• 3D printing workshops in all 12 universities where students can try the MarkerBot, learn about the process of printing, enter a cell phone case competition, and discover ways of using 3D printing to incorporate it in science, technology and engineering careers.